Before joining online Technical Analysis Training, check our accuracy for one month

Every stock market trader should learn Technical Analysis. Why? In stock trading everybody trade for profit but no one wants loss. But in stock market one gain when other one loose. This indicates the gainer had more robust technical strategy than the looser. One thing every trader must know that technical trader (let’s say FII and DII) do just the opposite what general people or trader think. So for this you should do technical analysis course to have better strategy for regular income from market and minimize loss.

Before joining our e-Technical analysis course you check accuracy for one month of Nifty Technical Trend and Bank nifty daily Technical trend posted before market opens @8.45AM. Then you decide to join e-training. We provide the Nifty and Bank nifty technical trend for our trainees those who do Option and Future trading in Index to learn. We analyze market and predict trend, support and resistance for the whole day but a question may arise here in your mind what if any bad or good news comes in the middle of trading hour and changed the trend? What should I do? Don’t worry, we teach our trainees that strategy to protect principal amount in any market condition.

Knowing direction of market and different levels much before is the beautifulness of Technical Analysis. First of all trader must know how to find trend, without trend how can you decide to Buy first or Sell first. After getting trend you should know what the perfect entry and exit point is? Where to put Stop loss technically? Never go for percentage or point wise stop loss which most general trader do. Sometimes technical trend indicates upward or bullish movement but suddenly changes trend from middle, why? What if you knew that false signal much before? Here you can know much before the exact level how much that particular stock can bounce and from which level it can change trend. You can join our online Technical analysis course from your home and at very low cost. Get details of Technical Analysis Course.

In stock market when a trader trade and get money in any one trade, the confidence level increase to a new height but when they lose in next number of trade they get ready to take revenge from market and try to recover loss but lose all the money. Here trader think trading or investing is just a gamble game but remember Stock market is reflection of Indian Economy. It’s not child play. You have watched a lot of YouTube videos but if still losing then just think for a while. Why am I loosing? This indicates you are unable to find trend and don’t have good strategy. A professional or Technical trader first prefers to learn first and then earn. They always analyze their loss and profit technically where as general trader believes on luck and tests his luck on each trade. Decide what you want to be?

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