Positional Trend

Stock, Index future or stock future trade having a target range of 2 to 7 days is called as short term positional trade. Positional trade can be done in stocks, stock future, stock option, index future, index options etc. In this page you can find Technical trend of Index like Nifty and Bank Nifty. Technical Trend is updated daily here. This trend is only for educational purpose to learn technical chart in EOD page. We research EOD data, economic news and post technical trend so that our own student, beginners and clients can learn technical chart. Technical trader can use this data for study purpose. Use stop loss and trailing stop loss to avoid loss.

Disclaimer: This is only for our own students for study purpose and not a buy or sells recommendations. Before using this section please consult your financial advisor and read our disclaimer.



Month :-May

Date Technical trend Remark

 Below Technical Trend is only for Study Purpose and only for our trainee student. Use this to study Technical Chart in EOD page.


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Nifty Positional trendNifty EOD chart  shows, Nifty made a bearish candle. Nifty closed below 100 DMA  which is negative but Stochastic is now in over sold zone. Nifty may try to hold psychology level 10500 but selling pressure may drag down. Nifty  may test 10472 and getting support there, it may bounce. So trainee should be alert @10472 and should cover their position. 


Bank Nifty Positional trend-- In EOD chart Bank nifty indicating down trend. Stochastic and MACD is indicating Bank nifty may fall up to 25454. Trainee should track 25454, if breaks that level then 2537 is possible. 

Positional Trading Strategy-
Positional trader should use EOD chart in “EOD chart page” to find technical trend. In above Table viewer can find probable support and resistance and trend. First use technical chart in EOD page to analyze trend of Index like Nifty and Bank nifty and compare with the trend posted here to learn technical chart and find the trend on your own.

First analysis the trend of Nifty and Bank nifty as it is easier to track than stock trend. In case of Stock there are 3000 stocks listed in exchange but online stock trader should trade only in stocks that are traded in derivative segment, as they follow technical trend. When Index moves up, stock also moves up. If Nifty trend is positive then most stock will move up and you can make strategy in buy side. In case of negative, make strategy to short sell market. Similarly if Bank nifty is positive then top banking stock will have positive trend and stock trader make trading strategy accordingly.

Index Future Trading Strategy.
Students those who are interested in doing Nifty future and Bank nifty future trading, should first read the simple trick in “EOD Page” and trade in paper pen (Virtually). Future trading in Nifty is safe comparative to ‘Option trading’. In any trade trader should first know the trend, either positive or negative. Then only it will be safe and easier for online trader to initiate trade. In case of Future trading trader can roll-over position and using technical chart trader can minimize his loss to a great extent. Trader should use Stop loss always to protect his capital from uncertainty.

Option Trading Strategy
Students before buying any Options first know the trend. If positive then buy ‘Call Options’ and in case of negative buy ‘Put Options’. Use ‘Heikin Ashi’ bar style and ‘Stochastic’ in EOD chart page to find the low level and High level of Nifty and Bank nifty to hold position. Always try to buy “At The money” strike price and trade in the first 15 day of month to avoid ‘Time value’ and ‘Premium’ loss.