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Trainer: PULIN    stocktrend

Book your seat now for 30th September 2018 (Sunday 10 AM-2 PM) e-training session. Total course fee is Rs.999/- only. Get Training on 30th September, full recorded version of training on 1st Oct and free e-doubt clearing session on 7th Oct.

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Note : All Strategies covered in e-session is usefull in Stock, Option, Future and Commodity Trading.

Highlights and Benefits of our e-Learning Session
  • Learn Technical indicators and how it works?
  • Perfect entry and exit point.
  • Different Technical Patterns and Necessary Trading Strategies to Ensure Accuracy
  • Strategy in Bullish, Barish, Gap up, Gap down and Side wise movement.
  • How to know false signal, strategy to avoid and make profit in Intraday?
  • Intraday and Positional Trading Strategies to predict for your self.
  • Strategy in Option and Future trading for Working Professionals
  • How to Protect your Principal Amount
  • Save the Expenditure towards getting Tips from Others
  • Last but not the Least: Don’t just Gamble, Learn and Trade – TECHNICALLY.

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