What is intraday trading and Nifty Trend for today?

Buying and selling same quantity of financial instrument like stocks, Future contract, Option contract, Commodities, Forex with in the same trading day is called Day trading or Intraday Trading. Nifty Trend today is the direction of Index in positive or negative direction. Using Technical Analysis Chart, Nifty Trend, Bank nifty trend, support and resistance of both Nifty and Bank Nifty are updated daily for online Future and Option trader for study purpose. Stock trader can also use this data to predict stock market trend. Get Economic news and upcoming financial events from US, EUROPE and ASIA to predict the direction of market. Information and data updated here is very important for Nifty Future traders, Options traders and stock traders as Nifty Options strategy and stock trend depends upon Trend of Nifty. These information and data can be used by new trader or technical trader for study purpose. Always use stop loss and trailing stop loss while Stock, Future and Option trading.

Disclaimer: This is only for our own students for study purpose and not a buy or sells recommendations. Before using this section please consult your financial advisor and read our disclaimer.



Date :-20-April-2018

Technical Trend

          This is only for Technical chart study purpose and for our own student. Others please don't use it.             


Pivot point trading strategy video---Click here        


       Nifty Trend today- 8.45 AM-  "EOD chart" or Daily chart shows Nifty(spot) try to consolidate naer 10550. Due to formation of "Birth point" pattern  expect no huge correction.  In weekly chart pattern Nifty is just above 50% Fibonacci retracement. Nifty has support @10456 and upper Bollinger band is @10660. So Nifty may  open near 10515 and may test 10506 and 10477  in down trend. Watch in 2nd half, Nifty may try to regain 10500 after opening of Europe market. Find strategy below for result session. Learn technical chart in our live training session from your home to know different strategy and find perfect entry and exit point. Track Europe market after 12.30 pm in SGX Nifty page for next trend of Nifty.                

  • Important trick--Student should track Q4 result of Nifty 50 company to know how share price behave or move before 3-4 days of result announcement in EOD chart. To know result date of company--Click here                      

  • Nifty, Bank Nifty  Positional Trend.
  • Over Bought and Over Sold Stock -  Stock Trend   Check position of stocks in EOD chart.            


  • Bank Nifty Trend- 8.45 AM- EOD chart  shows Bank nifty trying to consolidate above 25000. Due to over bought zone in EoD chart Bank nifty may correct to test 25000 and then 24904.  So Bank nifty may swing  in a range between 24858 and 25390. To learn technical chart and different strategy join our training session from your home. Please refer above video link. If you are (fresher)learning Bank nifty and trading in Bank nifty then please use Bank nifty OPTION to paper trade and learn first as Bank nifty is highy volatile and it's expiry is weekly. Use technical chart and Hedging process to survive in this volatile market.   Watch Europe market in "Nifty Live" page for further trend of Bank nifty.
Index Option Student can take clue from Nifty and Bank Nifty Technical Trend to study the price fluctuation in call/put Option.


Support & Resistance

Watch Stock Pivot, Support and Resistance in "PIVOT POINT" page

Nifty Pivot Point- 10561

Today Nifty Support is at  10535, 10506, 10477  Resistance is at 10587, 10605


Bank Nifty Pivot Point- 25127

Today Bank Nifty support is at 25012, 24904, 24806 and resistance is at 25260, 25390



  • INDIAN data to watch-  

  • IMF predicts 7.4%  GDP growth for India.

  • US data to watch-  

  • UK data- No major data.

  • China news-  

  • Japan Data -  No major data.

Remark use SGX nifty chart to know opening trend of nifty.

Trick for Option trader

Index option depends upon the trend of Nifty or Bank nifty. Online trader can find the technical trend of Nifty and Bank nifty Index to trade in future segment. In case Option segment if the trend is positive then buy “CALL” option and watch the support and resistance mentioned here for next trend and your entry and exit point. In case negative trend Buy “PUT” option and wait for support levels to exit or hold.

Use news sections to know the upcoming important financial events worldwide which can impact Nifty and Bank nifty trend. Day trader and Positional trader generally use upcoming important events to make strategy. Example- Before RBI policy, election or any important financial event Nifty generally rally. So if you can know event date much before then you can participate and make profit. In case of day trading if you know today’s financial event which can change trend off stock market then you can Hedge your position or avoid trading and protect your fund from volatility.