What is SGX Nifty Live chart and its impact?

Free Check accuracy for one month of our Nifty and Bank nifty technical Trend posted in below links daily before market open @8.45AM and check importance of SGX Nifty in Nifty Future and Options trading to learn. Then you decide to join online advance technical analysis course, also watch what our Trainees from different states say about training.

SGX Nifty, also known as Singapore Nifty is derivative of NIFTY index traded officially in Singapore stock exchange. Nifty trades for six and half hours on national stock exchange but NIFTY Future on SGX is traded for sixteen hours from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm as per Indian time. Due to long hour trade it is affected by world economic news and political events and takes direction accordingly. So the sentiment or trend of Indian market can be derived from SGX Nifty as SGX nifty opens before NSE. Here user can use our Live SGX Nifty chart to know the opening trend of Indian market. Example-if SGX Nifty is 20 point positive then Indian market may open in green and vise versa. It allows foreign investors to take a position in Indian market. Generally SGX nifty trend chart is used by future and option day trader to know Indian market trend before market opens to make next day strategy..

Chart shows next month Nifty Future price in Expiry week.

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Trick for Future trader

As Nifty is also traded in Singapore stock exchange and open for 11 hours it is influenced by World financial events and change trend accordingly. So day trader in future trading uses this sentiment to trade in early market. When market opens they instantly buy or short sell Index according to positive or negative opening trend and square off position in a short period. This short process lasts for only 2-4 minutes. They are called Jobbers.

Trick for Option trader

First know the technical trend of Nifty in “Nifty trend today” page. Also find support and resistance of Nifty there. If nifty trend is positive and it may further move up then you can buy CALL option and incase of negative trend you can buy PUT option to earn. Read our “Nifty live” page for better option tricks. In similar way stock trader uses the trend to make strategies to remain in buy side or short sell side in early trade. In case of positive trend day trader buy and then sell in small time interval in selected stocks. They buy high volume and exit with low margin to avoid risk. Similarly in negative trend they short sell in selected stock and buy them instantly with high volume and low margin to make profit.

In below image you can find the different country’s stock market opening time. For Indian stock market point of view day trader should track Asian market and SGX nifty live chart before market opens and track Europe market at 12.30pm every trading day to know the impact of Europe market on Indian market. When Europe market like CAC, DAX, FTSE opens positive, they support Nifty and our market moves up. Similarly in case of negative Europe market, Nifty move down.

Country World Market Timing in Indian standard time(IST)
India Equity Market
9:15 to 3:30
Commodity Market
10:00 to 23:30
Japan 05:30 to 7:30
09:00 to 11:30
Taiwan 06:30 to 11:00
Singapore(SGX NIFTY) 06:30 to 15:45
16:45 to 22:30
China(Shanghai) 07:00 to 09:00
10:30 to 12:30
Hong Kong 07:00 to 09:30
11:00 to 13:30
USA 19:00 to 01:30
(15th Mar to 7th Nov)

20:00 to 02:30
(08th Nov to 14th Mar)
European Countries CAC,DAX,FTSE) 12:30 to 21:00
(28th Mar to 31st Oct)

13:30 to 22:00
(1st Nov to 27th Mar)